Monday, February 07, 2011

IsItEDible in Honolulu 2010

I've been so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Honolulu almost every year. It's definitely one of my favorite food cities. My list of "must-go-to" restaurants seems to keep growing with each trip and so it's impossible to hit all of them. On this trip to Honolulu, I did have the opportunity to go back to Yummy's and Tokkuri Tei. Oh soooo good.

Here are some of the new (to me) places I found on this trip....

Ramen Nakamura
2141 Kakakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815
Mini combo $11.80

This little hole-in-the-wall was right by the hotel I stayed at. Most of the folks I saw in this place were ordering in Japanese, which to me is always a good thing. For just $11.80, I had the mini-combo which included a bowl of hakana ramen (a mix of their "shoyu" and "salt" flavors), fried rice, and three pieces of gyoza.

Yama's Fish Market
2332 Young St.
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 941-9994

I didn't realize it until this trip, but I've eaten food from here many times. For many of my work meetings, our local host organization orders the lunches from here. Their Hawaiian plates range in price from $5.35 (for lau lau and macaroni salad) to $9.50 (for kalua pig, beef stew, and mac salad) and are oh so delicious. On this trip, I was craving haupia (kind of like a coconut jello) and Yama's definitely satisfied my craving. Try their sweet potato haupia. A small square will only set you back $1.45.

Sweet Home Cafe
2334 S. King St.
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 947-3707

I'm not typically a fan of hot pot, but this Taiwanese style hot pot restaurant has ingrained itself in my gastronomic memory. This place is so popular that you'll most likely need to wait a bit before you are seated. Be sure to add our name to the waiting list hanging on the door. Here's how it works: you pick your broth from a list of 14 options. If you can't decide, then you can actually order two broths that come in a split bowl. The steaming bowls of broth are placed on a portable induction heater on your table (I SOOO want one of these). We really enjoyed the lemongrass ($5.95) and spicy with sour cabbage ($8.95). You can also place an order for different thinly sliced meats. Try the beef tendon ($3.75)! Or if you are not so adventerous, the sliced beef, pork and chicken are also all $3.75 each. There are two sets of refrigerators in the back where you can pick out additional items such as fried bean curd, vegetables, and a bunch of different type of balls (beef, fish, shrimp, etc.) There's also a dipping sauce station where you can mix up your own dipping sauce. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. Did I mention the free dessert? My friend and I received a huge bowl of shaved ice with tapioca pearls, a coffee flavored flan, and sweet almond tofu. Who gives you FREE dessert anymore? Thank you Sweet Home Cafe. I will definitely be back as soon as I can.

Duke's Waikiki
2335 Kalakaua Ave, Suite 116
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 922-2268

The lunch buffet ($13.95) here was decent for the price and, but what I really appreciated was the amazing, beachside view. I took this picture right from my table.


DMBY said...

Hi Ed,

If you don't have Jimbo's on that list of can't-miss restaurants, you are really missing out! Fresh, housemade udon and delicious broth. My personal favorite is the curry udon with tempura shrimp. :)

Ed Tep said...

DMBY - I don't! I'll definitely have to check em out next time I'm in Oahu. Thanks for the suggestion!

Sammie said...

Duke's is always decent but in the same hotel- just one floor up is Chuck's. Their mahi mahi is AMAZING and every meal comes with a salad bar just as decent as Duke's- except it's free with meal purchase!

Jackie said...

Yum, love Hawaii and all the delicious foods they have to offer!

I am also from the Bay Area and just started a food blog two weeks ago! I find your site an inspiration for refining my own!

Looking forward to your next post!


Pantoprazole said...

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luchan said...

Yummy's is good, but Peppa's is much better! (personal opinion though)

luchan said...

btw, Sweet Home Cafe- since it's the only taiwanese hotpot restaurant in Oahu, yeah it's good. But I wonder, there should be many more great ones in CA?
I went to sweet home cafe once, not bad but over-priced.