Friday, January 01, 2010

Fried Turkey Wings

Happy 2010 everyone! Here's a recipe for those of you who still haven't overdosed on turkey.

I love the idea of a fried turkey, but have never been able to bring myself to actually deep fry a whole turkey (especially since I don't really have an outdoor area where I could do this safely.) So, instead, I've played around with deep frying pieces of turkey. The problem is that turkey breasts and thighs are so big that they take FOREVER to deep fry.

So when I saw turkey wings on sale at my local market, I thought I would give them a try. I separated the wing into the drummette and the wing sections. Voila! Turns out that a turkey drummette is just about the same size as a chicken drumstick. I used the same batter recipe that I usually use for my crispy fried chicken which gives it an extra crunch over most fried turkey recipes. Enjoy!


4 Turkey Wings
canola oil for frying

For the batter:
1 1/2 cups room temperature water
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon white pepper
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

For the coating:
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
2 cups all-purpose flour

1) Divide the turkey wings into drummette and wing sections.

2) Place enough oil to fill your deep fryer (or cast iron pan) halfway. Heat oil on medium to 325 degrees.

3) In a bowl, mix all the ingredients for the batter.

4) In a shallow rimmed dish, mix all the ingredients for the coating.

5) Dip the wing sections in the batter. Lift out and dredge in the flour until well-coated. Shake off excess flour and carefully place a few pieces in the hot oil. Do not overcrowd.

6) Fry for 8 minutes. Flip over and fry for an additional 8 minutes.

7) Remove to a wire rack. Repeat with remaining pieces as necessary.

Ed's 1st Note: I discarded the wing tips. But I guess you could fry these up as well.

Ed's 2nd Note: For a variation, try this with a 1/2 teaspoon of ground sage powder mixed into the batter.


Chris said...

These look great. I've been wanted to find some to make HUGE buffalo wings with but haven't seen them for sale around here.

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

I was thinking the same thing as Chris. Some ridicolusly large buffalo wings sound great right now.

I love your fried chicken batter, except I add a little garlic powder into the mix. Everything's better with garlic.

Ed Tep said...

Chris - ooh. I bet turkey buffalo wings would be friggin delicious!

WhiteTrashBBQ - So true, so true. Garlic does make everything better. I'll definitely add some the next time.

Paz said...

OMG! I gotta try this recipe. I've just got to! I hate turkey, really, but the only part that I LOVE is the wings. Give me turkey wings anytime and I'll shut up and be happy. ;-) Luckily, they sell turkey wings at one particular store near me. So, I'm going to by some and try your delicious-sounding recipe. ;-)

Happy, Happy New Year to you and yours!


P.S. I like the turkey wing tips and so do my dogs... Well, one dog now. The other passed away last year. *sniff* I trust your sous chefs, Rocco and Zoe, are doing well.

Caleb said...

I found your food blog going through a few links. Glad I ran into it. Didn’t know that the food blog/recipe community was so big online. I love your posts!

I was wondering if you would like to exchange links. I’ll drop yours on my site and you drop mine on yours. Email at or stop by my site and drop a comment. Let me know if you would like to do a link exchange.


Sylvia said...

I am so excited to try this recipe! My dad used to make turkey legs fried when I was a kid, and I haven't tried it since I was about 10.. My husband has been bugging me, so I'll have to get on this one! I love these pictures-- yum.
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